Saturday, December 21, 2013

Review : BD Ascension Split skins STS, as Splitboarder.

Long story short: 
If you are not into your Jeremy Jones mood, don't use them. If you work Monday to Friday and have only weekends off (like me) and live in Alaska (only have 5 hrs. of sunlight in solstice day) and want to hit the fast skin track in the popular backcountry area with the rest of the people (fighting for a parking spot next to the highway) don't use them either.

First. I thought I was doing something wrong. But no, seriously the glue is not as good, is very weak closer to the tip clips. And easily they open to get some snow. But the whole skin stays together to the board. I'm not the only one with this thinking.
After doing the first set-up I had to readjust the tip clip closer to the point, to try not the get that snow.
It improved a lot, but if you open fresh track, that part still open and gets some snow, annoying at some point.

After testing this skins already for 3 different weekends with different snow conditions, today was my last test: Sticky wet snow, around 27 ºF. Maritime snowpack.
The skins glide perfect and are light. But, again, trying to get in the hard early skin track, it was tough, there are not many options to open many different track with this snowpack.

The skins got wet so fast. And this help the poor grip of the skin to get worse. I couldn't skin this angle below, the skins slide back with no problem. after trying many times, I took my split off and started boot packing.
After checking the material around the area of the base of the binding, all the hair was like "my cat when he gets wet" Soft wet and without friction in any direction. 

Then above that hill, I trust again. Same thing... Steep angles in skin track was a funny game. I was missing my snowshoes. ThenI had to jump the the fresh snow and trying again out of track.

At some point in the middle of the hill, I turned back and rode down to my car. It wasn't the solstice day I was expecting. A bad day since the beginning.

Don't read me wrong:

This skins work fine opening fresh track. They are perfect for long trips, or multi day exploring trip. Save you weigh and glide fine.


If you gonna skin up the skin tracks with the rest of your buddies, get better grip and keep that extra weight with you. 

Enjoy your ride!

NOTE: My board is a Lib-Tech T. Rice with C2 BTX shape. (rocker).

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