Wednesday, March 19, 2014

MARCH1N1: Surviving.

Week 1.
A friend's birthday party is followed by resting 2 days. 
By consequence.
20 minutes barefoot run to rock climbing session.
Release of coughing as a new move.

The Break down.
Pain + pain + weakness + shivering = work days.
Fever turns on.
Lack of appetite, nausea and drinking tea.
Sore throat is increasing to the point of ... doctor's visit.
4 days of isolation and sleep.

Week 2.

Long days to follow.
Work here. Work there. Training meetings.
Days are exhausting at the end.
The sleep follows after medicines and pain killers.
The sense of isolation continues.
Physically. Mentally. Heartlessly.

The first attempt of breaking the isolation, by enjoying the fresh snow.
With 2 friends in the backcountry.
Reminding me that:
"On some level, each person skis alone".
I follow my sense of snow responsibilities. My cough follow my steps.
The angle is low, as my moral.
The snow is deep, as my breathing.
My heart is about to collapse.

Week 3.
The peaceful of the solitude cheers me up.
Fresh air in my face. Speed and flow of in a novelty machine.
The reduction of tiredness, pain and coughing.
Sense of being embraced. Strength to the muscles.
Heart is a muscle. 
Rest is crucial.
50% of the week, 75% of recovering... 

... Influenz-ced to survive.

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